Frequently Asked Questions

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Rest assured, your phone number or email will always remain confidential. We collect this information solely for the purpose of enabling users to receive text notifications or emails, facilitating quicker responses to messages, offers, sales, and updates. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

CheekedUp is catered to butt content.

Absolutely! You can utilize CheekedUp in nearly every country across the globe.

Before Sellers gain access to content uploading, messaging Buyers, or profile editing, they are required to complete ID verification. For Buyers, linking a card on file is sufficient. To verify Sellers, we request the submission of a government-issued ID and a corresponding selfie, which must be approved before account access is granted. These measures are in place to prevent underage or fake accounts. Please note that your information is kept secure and will never be shared with third parties. It is exclusively used for verification and payout purposes. Your privacy and data protection are our top priorities.

To use CheekedUp, all users must be at least 18 years old. Individuals under 18 will not be permitted to create an account. Any accounts found to belong to underage users will be terminated and reported accordingly.

To delete your account, go to your Profile and click Settings, then Delete Account. If you encounter any issues, please contact for further assistance.

When users sign up using Seller's unique referral code, the Seller earns 5% of any sale generated, and this is deducted from our fee, not the Seller's earnings. Every user is provided with a referral link/code that they can share wherever they choose. If a user signs up through your link, your code will be automatically applied in the referral section during the signup process. Here's an example to illustrate: User A shares their referral link with User B. User B registers using User A's link and makes a $100 sale. User B receives $82 - $85 (depending on commission tier), while User A earns $5 (5%) as their referral bonus.

Absolutely not! On your profile, users can only view your username, profile photos, and bio. Your address and photo ID are exclusively utilized for age/ID verification and payout purposes. This information is strictly confidential and will never be accessible to anyone outside of our administrators or essential partner companies. We have a steadfast commitment to protecting your personal data and will never sell it to third-party companies.

For refund requests please contact

CheekedUp specializes in butt content. Below is a list of prohibited content that will result in account banning/deletion:

  1. No bodily fluids: Any content containing bodily fluids is not allowed.
  2. No meeting requests: Users cannot solicit others for in-person meetings, especially for escort services and Pro-Domme sessions.
  3. No illegal activities: CheekedUp may not be used for selling anything illegal, including but not limited to underage play, non-consensual sex, beastiality, or any real-world transactions such as dates or escorting.
  4. No content violating payment processor policies: Content that infringes upon Visa or MasterCard content policies is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, scat play, content involving alcohol or drugs, firearms and related products, explosives, other weapons, and tobacco, vomit play, content featuring blood from bodily harm, beastiality, and extreme violence.
  5. No soliciting for external services: Users cannot request social media profiles or payment service information (e.g., Paypal, CashApp) outside of CheekedUp. All transactions and sales communications must remain within the platform.
  6. Right to removal: We retain the right to remove pages and content at our discretion and as we see fit. Your compliance with these guidelines helps maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all CheekedUp users

If you are 18 years or older, you have the opportunity to purchase or sell butt content on CheekedUp, regardless of your gender or ethnicity. We welcome individuals of all genders, to buy or sell their personalized butt content.

In the United States, individuals earning more than $600 per year are required to file their taxes in compliance with the current tax laws. If you are located outside the United States, you are responsible for adhering to the tax laws of your respective country when it comes to filing your taxes.

No, it's not required! All Sellers must undergo ID verification, but this is solely to confirm their authenticity and ownership of the content they sell. Once verified, Sellers have the option to post photos and/or videos of their butt while remaining anonymous.

Buyers have the flexibility to explore Seller profiles in various ways on our platform. You can search for Sellers by their username or apply filters based on criteria such as age, race, gender, categories, and more. Additionally, you have the option to search for specific phrases and keywords to find content descriptions that match your preferences. For Sellers with a premium subscription, they can initiate messages with Buyers to discuss custom content offers and preferences. To enhance your visibility and attract more Buyers, we recommend sharing your profile link on your social media platforms. Also, ensure that your album descriptions and titles are detailed and captivating, as this can significantly impact your appeal to potential Buyers.

To upload content, visit the "Discover" page on your desktop or mobile device. You can create albums that Buyers can purchase instantly. Buyers also have the option to send you custom offers, which you can either accept or reject. If you choose to accept a custom offer, just capture the requested photo or video and submit it. As a Seller, you have the flexibility to select which content you want to blur when uploading photos.

Sellers have the option to blur content when creating a post. At least one photo must be blurred when adding a price to a post. Buyers will only gain access to the blurred content after completing a successful purchase. Sellers also have the choice to upload a non-blurred preview, which is why certain photos remain unblurred.

Absolutely! If you are 18 years or older, you have the opportunity to either sell or purchase butt content.

Users have the freedom to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos, with each file being limited to 100MB in size or length. Content exceeding this size cannot be uploaded to the website.

CheekedUp uses a tiered commission structure for Sellers depending on how many subscribers they have. Seller commissions are 82% for 0-10 subscribers, 83% for 11-24 subscribers, 84% for 25-49 subscribers, and 85% for 50 plus subscribers. The money we make we put towards web security, new features, marketing, and more to ensure CheekedUp continues to improve.

Absolutely not! The sole reason we gather this information is to facilitate legal payouts to all our Sellers. Rest assured, no other users will have any access to this data, and we strongly advise against sharing it with anyone else. Your privacy and security are our top priorities.

Certainly, you will have the choice to download all the content you purchase on CheekedUp.

Every Seller on CheekedUp must undergo ID verification before they can create an account. This mandatory process involves submitting a photo of their ID along with a selfie holding the same ID. This stringent measure is in place to deter fake sellers, scammers, and individuals attempting to sell content that does not belong to them.

CheekedUp requires all posts which cost money to have at least one blurred image. When a photo, video, or custom offer is purchased, you will receive the unblurred version. Sellers have the option to upload a non-blurred preview which is why some photos are not blurred.

Sellers have the option to mark their top tier content as Exclusive, which requires Buyers to purchase the content, regardless of their subscription status.