Referral Program Terms

CheekedUp offers a referral program by which Models can introduce (a “Referring Model”) eligible individuals who are interested in becoming Models (a “Referred Model”) to sign up as a Model on the Site and receive referral payments from CheekedUp in accordance with these terms.


Once a Referred Model has become accepted and registered as a Model of the Site; CheekedUp will pay the Referring Model a referral payment equal to Five Percent (5%) of the Referred Model’s earnings (the “Referral Commission”) for a six (6) month period after the Referred Model has been accepted and registered as a Model. Payments of the Referral Commission to Referring Models shall be deducted from CheekedUp’s commissions earned from the Referred Models. The Referred Models shall not have any earnings deducted from any transaction.


  1. Only Models with current accounts are eligible for the Referral Program.
  2. Referrals must only be made in accordance with the terms set forth in the Terms and Conditions and may not be made through any advertising, unsolicited communications, bots or automated means. Upon Our request, a Model must provide documentation and disclose the methods by which the Referring Model had referred a Referred Model.
  3. The Referred Model must not have opened a Model account prior to applying as a Referred Model. Current Models are ineligible to be considered Referred Models.
  4. Referral Commissions shall only be paid in connection with the first Referred Model account that is created by the Referred Model. Referral Commission shall not be applicable to any subsequent Model accounts that are created by a Referred Model.
  5. Referral Commissions may be withheld or a Referring Model may be ineligible to receive Referral Commissions in the event that CheekedUp, in its sole discretion, determines that any there was any misrepresentation, fraud, duress, falsities, illegalities or other prohibited actions involved in connection with the Referring Model’s referring of the Referred Model.
  6. CheekedUp has the right to recover any excess Referral Commission that was incorrectly paid to a Referring Model.
  7. CheekedUp has the right to require any Model to furnish any documentation or information related to a Model’s identification and payment method. A Model’s failure to do so may result in the ineligibility of a Referred Model to receive Referral Commission.
  8. This Referral Program may be modified, altered, changed or discontinued at any time. Any Referral Commission that is owed to a Referring Model at the time of such modification or discontinuation shall be remitted to the Referring Model.